What is a Landing Page?



What is a Landing Page? 


A landing page is a page that clients land on your website in various ways, including search engines. Those who have a landing page for their products, services, and activities have much higher returns. According to some researches, if you create a landing page to generate leads, your chances of attracting more visitors and getting more emails will increase by 55%. One of the most important factors is to create content for the landing page. As a landing page is the best way to drive traffic and improve your SEO, our Winnipeg website SEO team focuses on creating effective landing pages.


Copywriting is the art of using words to convince customers. It can persuade customers to buy your products or use your services. Landing pages have a huge impact on sales, and you should devote the utmost energy to creating an optimized, powerful, and persuasive content. Click here to learn what pages does a website need.

Here are some golden tips on writing great landing, selling, and product page content.


   1- Do not forget the Call to Action!

 Calls to Actions (CTA) are buttons or links in your website or on your landing page that guide users to do something. Nothing happens until you tell them to do something.

– Shopping

– Add to cart

– Order now

– Subscribe to the newsletter

– Start an online course

You have probably seen the above-mentioned Calls to Action on various websites. Research has shown that 90 percent of website users read Call to Action buttons. With these CTAs, you increase the chances of converting visitors into a customer, so selling is much higher. 

   2- Focus on users’ problems 

In your opinion, why do you think users buy a product? The answer is, “To solve their problems.” They buy a refrigerator to keep their food cool. They buy hands-free in order to listen to music. There are two types of persuasion: Pain and Pleasure. Therefore, you have to focus on these points and the user’s problems.

You should tell them how your products solve their problems. You know that 95% of decisions are emotional. Therefore, in order to sell your products, you should also focus on emotional elements. If you evoke their emotions, you will have a much higher chance of selling. 


   3- Tell a story

We all love good stories. Most people communicate with each other through stories. A good story can have a huge impact on product sales and the effectiveness of your landing pages.

Testimonials, customer reviews, or stories of previous customers can be a good option. Besides, storytelling has an impact on branding. So one of the ways to improve your Google ranking is storytelling.


   4- Make a slippery slope

Joseph Sugarman, one of the world’s greatest copywriters, has introduced the slippery slope. He explained the phrase and offered a way to get the customer on a slippery slope in his book. Sugarman’s approach included the following steps, which we will briefly cover: 

– Write a powerful and eye-catching headline to get the audience’s attention. If your headline fails to attract users, the text will be useless.

– Explain the problems and challenges of users in the introduction section. 

– Before introducing your products or services, explain their benefits and capabilities. Try to focus on the advantages and benefits.

– Include Social Proof or comments of previous users and buyers.

– Answer all the potential questions and ambiguities. 

– Finally, Optimize your buyer’s journey with a Call to Action. 

This is a natural approach that takes the user step by step and puts him on a slippery slope, engaging his mind and arousing his needs. 

5- Write simple and effective

You write for a general audience. They do not have a Ph.D. in literature, so you should write in a normal language. Using hard language and complex sentences can cause users to leave your landing page and move on to other pages. 

A simple and effective language greatly impacts the users and makes them have an emotional connection with you. If you are starting your online business, you should know the features of a successful business website.


   6- Ask them questions that the answer is “yes.” 

This is a sales technique. Professional salespeople often ask you questions that your answer is “yes.” This will prepare you mentally for the “last yes,” which is the last step in the purchasing process.

Write questions to involve them and then get the initial approval. Please remember that your questions should be related to your products. For example, if you want to sell an online search engine optimization book, you can say: Would you like to see your website on the first page or even get Google top ranking?


   7- Create a sense of urgency on your website

If the user does not buy your product right now or does not subscribe to your newsletter, he will forget it later. So you have to engage him in such a way that he feels that if he does not click the button right now, he will miss something important. For example, you can say that the discount is for a limited period. 

Winnipeg website design art company can help you create landing pages that are more beneficial and effective without copywriting. It is worth knowing that words can convince anyone. Sometimes words are more effective than talking face to face. Therefore, you should not underestimate the power of words. Every word you use should be purposeful and effective to increase your productivity.


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