Is Commenting Useful for Getting Backlinks?

One of the easiest and most efficient ways to get backlinks is to post comments on other websites’ posts. Commenting to get backlinks is something that all experienced website designers suggest. However, the number of specialists who have focused most on link building through commenting is not few. Are the links obtained by leaving comments good? Is it worth spending so much energy to build these kinds of backlinks? If you are looking forward to getting the answer to this question, keep reading. The specialists working at Website Design Art have answered this question in this article. Besides, if you want to get any information related to website designing, do not hesitate to contact us at Website Design Art. We are always ready to help all valued clients residing in Winnipeg and across.

Commenting to get backlinks

Why Do We Go Through Commenting?

It is usually believed that the biggest goal of anyone who comments on an article is to get a free backlink from the website. To be honest, it’s not always possible to get a backlink this way! Getting backlinks from posting comments is just one of the goals. One of the most important goals of leaving comments should be branding. According to Winnipeg website designers and digital marketing experts, commenting on websites is one of the ways to introduce a brand to the audience. If you can help the website users by leaving a comment, it will definitely make you popular. For example, if there is an incomprehensible part in the article and if you can explain that part by adding your opinion so that others can understand it, they will certainly like you! And most likely, they will click on your name to enter your website and get to know you more. As a result, this will significantly increase the number of visits to your website. So, in this case, the comment you left on the website will be precious for you. This should be the primary purpose of our comments. This is also seen in other specialized channels such as LinkedIn. Many experts comment on the shared content. And their comments are real and valuable. This will lead to a significant increase in the number of their connections. Over time, their popularity will increase day by day.
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Is It Right to Leave a Comment with the Aim of Getting a Backlink?

First, it doesn’t matter if your link is no-follow or if the domain authority of the linking website is high! The most crucial point is that the backlinks you get bring input to your website. In other words, your link should be a place where many people will click on it and enter your website through that link. One of the most important factors of Google in checking the quality of backlinks is this, which has become very important since 2018.

So, it was found that the links that bring you input will be valuable for your website, whether in an ad report or a comment with a no follow the link!

What Kind of Comment Backlinks Are Worthless?

In short, comments posted only for building backlinks are useless. For example, we are familiar with the comments you see in the image below. These comments are only posted to get backlinks and are of no use! Be sure that the person who leaves such comments follows the same procedure on other websites. It means a repeated text with a repeated anchor text that is usually linked to the first page of the website.

false comments

Of course, as our Winnipeg SEO specialists agree, sometimes, getting backlinks from a website that has a domain authority above 90 and also gives a follow link may be helpful for you. However, there are few websites like this.

Does Google Like Comment Backlinks?

Backlinks posted through comments were valuable until a few years ago. Then Google was not so smart. But now, Google is trying to update its algorithms daily to penalize websites that do unauthorized work.
In general, actions repeated uniformly in link building are known as spam from Google’s point of view. For example, if you link to a page with anchor text related to a keyword and the number of these links is high, Google will notice that your links are unnatural and penalize you.
It is the same in the comments. Pay attention to the comments that we showed you in the previous section. If you also use the text “Hello, thank you for your good website, good luck” on all the sites where you post comments, you will definitely be known as a spammer.
Also, if all your comment links are to a specific page with anchor text, for example, “Internet business,” there is still a possibility that you will be recognized as a spammer by Google.

Comment Backlinks

Essential Tips for Posting Comments on Other Websites

First, it is better to review a series of principles and rules that exist in posting comments on other sites. In fact, if you adhere to these principles, you can definitely post very effective comments. And as a result, get valuable backlinks.

1. Use your real name and photo. This will help your branding a lot. The fact that you are the administrator of a certain website and you left a comment on an article will be attractive to many. This will increase visitors’ trust in you.

2. Read the article carefully before leaving a comment. Otherwise, you cannot post a valuable comment on the article.

3. In posts with many comments, read others’ comments carefully before adding your opinion. This will help you get more information about the article and make an effective comment.

4. Don’t be afraid to leave comments on your competitors’ websites. If you have an opinion about the article you read on your competitors’ or rivals’ websites, don’t hesitate to post it. This will not only increase your credibility but also make you incredibly popular among your website’s audience.

5. Do not use keywords in your first and last name field. This greatly reduces the probability that your comment is approved.

6. Use the link of your desired website or page in the comment’s content.

7. Try to use keywords and related words in your comment intelligently. This will make the administrator of the desired website approve your comment because your comment can be a good update for his article.

Essential Tips for Posting Comments on Other Websites

What Are the Best Ways to Make Backlinks through Commenting?

If you want to get a valuable backlink by posting comments on websites, the way is not to praise the websites and their managers! In general, try to leave a comment that is worth being approved by the website administrator. It means that it is not a compliment or an advertisement in any way! Try to help update the desired page by posting your comment. In this case, your opinion will be confirmed without a doubt. In the following, there are some ways to help you in this regard.

1. Participate in discussions and give your real opinion
One of the best ways to leave effective comments is to participate in discussions in the comments section. For example, if a well-known website was criticized in a post, be sure to express your real opinion. Many people highly notice these kinds of posts, and usually, all the comments are read by others.

2. Help others
Helping others has always been a good thing. Previously, if you remember, many people spent most of their time in forums to help others and answer their questions. If you really have complete information about the topic in question or if you have already had an experience of that topic that is useful to others, be sure to express it. If you see in the comments that there are questions in that field from other users and no one has answered them, try to answer them patiently and completely so that the person in question can understand them. This can even be noticed by the website administrator and other website users. And your opinion will stand out among the opinions of others.

3. Comment your experiences
One of the best ways to comment on websites is to share your experiences with others. Always, your experiences can be attractive and valuable to others. People are very interested in knowing the experiences of others. Even in many cases, your experience can help other people to choose the best option.

4. Use related articles from your own website
Another good idea for posting useful comments is that if you have an article related to the topic, introduce it to others in the comments. That is, for example, if the article is about ways to increase security on WordPress, and you have already published an article about this on your website, very respectfully and in a way that does not advertise at all, try to put the link of your article in the comments, and ask others to read your article which is a supplement to this article.

Use related articles from your own website

Is It Really Worth Spending Time on This Method?

As you can see, commenting is mostly done for branding and popularity. In many cases, you can get very valuable backlinks. But if you are a person who only wants to do this with the motivation of getting backlinks and don’t care about your brand, you may not be able to handle this task well.
Because you always have to post fake and worthless advertising comments everywhere. And, if you spend your time on other link-building methods, you will be 100% more successful. Keep in mind that many advertising comments are not approved. Maybe you spend a lot of time on this, and you don’t even know if the comments you have posted in the past few days have been approved or not. If they are not approved, you have wasted your time. Of course, your efforts are still in vain, even if they are confirmed. Generally, this method will not be a good link-building method, and spending time and money on other methods is better.

The Last Word

If you intend to do professional link building, this method will not be suitable for you. Comment links will only be valuable to you if they can lead to input for your website. Not everyone can post effective comments attracting everyone’s attention. The last word is to avoid posting repetitive and worthless comments on websites because you are wasting your time. Hope you have benefited from this article.

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