6 Techniques to Improve Google Ranking

SEO is a long-term investment that is essential for every modern business. If you use inaccurate tricks to improve your website’s ranking, do not doubt that after a while, you will not only lose your current rank but also your website will be penalized by Google. Then your website may not appear in search results for a long time. Website Design Art is going to provide you with the most essential guideline to improve your Goggle ranking in a short period of time.

– Choosing the relevant keywords
– Publishing comprehensive content
– Choosing a catchy title for the article
– Optimizing images and videos
– Building appropriate internal and external links
– Improving the website loading speed

Techniques to Improve Google Ranking

Choosing the Relevant Keywords

The first simple technique to improve Google ranking is to use keywords that are relevant to the content of your website. You have to choose keywords that can attract your audience. You should consider your business purpose and choose your keywords accordingly.

An ideal blog post length should contain 500-1500 words. Therefore, if your content is less than 500 words, it is likely that Google ignores the content, and if it is more than the stated number, it is likely to make the user tired. So make sure that your content contains between 2% and 5% of your chosen keywords.

Publishing Comprehensive Content

Publishing content copied from other websites can cause irreparable damage to the SEO credibility of the website. If you publish unique and green content for your website, your website will rank higher on the Google search engine. However, keep in mind that content unrelated to your business will influence your website’s credibility, and unfortunately, your website will be considered as an invalid website to the visitors.

If the content you publish is understandable to the visitors of the website, it will increase the average time on site. So try to categorize the content by the subheadings and use attractive images to get the most attention. If you need help with your website SEO, you can contact our Winnipeg office.

Choosing a Catchy Title for the Article

Choosing a catchy title for articles you publish on your website and images is another simple technique to improve your website ranking on Google. It is clear that users mostly click on the most attractive titles, which will increase the click-through rate on the website and so the Google ranking.

Improving Website Loading Speed

Have you ever experienced visiting a website that took lots of time to load, and then you got bored and left the website immediately? Google stated officially in 2010 that website loading speed is one of the most important factors that search engines pay attention to when ranking a website. To improve Google ranking, you need to improve your website loading speed.

Optimizing Images and Videos for Website

The images’ file sizes and quality are essential. Besides, you should use the title and keywords for the images and videos of your website that are relevant to your content. It will help your website for Google ranking.

Building Appropriate Internal and External Links

One of the factors to increase your website credibility and Google ranking is to get external links from reputable websites. Then your content will be identified quickly and correctly for Google. You can also use internal links in your website, i.e., a kind of hyperlink on your page to other pages on your website that are relevant to the content. This should be done intelligently.

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