Must Have Features of a Successful Business Website

One of the most significant and influential factors for online sales is to have a well structured business website. Absolutely, a website that can convert Google users into loyal customers uses some features that cannot easily be ignored. Here are some of the features of a successful business website.

Features of a successful website

What Are the Features of a Successful Website?

– Logical targeting

– Choosing a strategy for keywords

– User experience

– Using the right domain and hosting provider

– A well designed logo

– Considering the appearance of the site

– Security

– Considering SEO factors

– Constant updating

– High loading time

Logical Targeting

The first and most important feature of a successful website is to have an achievable purpose, so be sure to set a goal before building a website or starting any other business.

Choosing a Strategy for Keywords

After you set your goal, you should determine in what areas your site is going to operate.

When you specify your site’s area of activity, you should identify keywords related to the same field and determine what role the selected words are going to play on your website.

Do you want to place the keywords in a separate category or as a sub-category in the site? The strategy you are targeting for keywords is tags.

User Experience

A site that does not have a good user experience or UX will never be successful unless it does not have any competitor in its field. Obviously, when good competitors come, a poorly built website will lose its place.

Considering the Appearance of the Site

A successful website must have a consistent web design and unique colors. Using high quality and beautiful images, the right font, and any other aspect that is related to the style of the website can result in a better UI for your audience.

Therefore, consider your website’s appearance, but do not overdo it because you want to introduce a business website to the world, not an exhibition of images and graphic effects!

Using the Right Domain and Hosting Provider

Another thing to note about the features of a successful website is choosing and using the right domain and a good hosting provider. You should choose your website address so that users can communicate well with it.

A well-designed Branded Logo

Undoubtedly, when you choose the right image or photo for your website, its result will be better than thousands of texts you have in mind.

Therefore, think about a logo that is right for your website and then design it. The design should be related to the content and your goal.

Keep in mind that when a search engine such as Google presents a website to the users, the first thing that caches the users’ attention is the logo of that website. Please do not miss this opportunity. The audience will always remember the website that has the proper logo as a successful website.


Security is one of the most essential and constant features of a successful website. You can use SSL Certificate, ReCaptcha, secure password, etc. to ensure the security of your website.

Considering SEO Factors

People who run high traffic websites are very interested in knowing the principles of SEO. It is obvious that most of the users used to Google/Bing to get what they need. But Google has a principle and condition that you need to implement on your website. You have to optimize your website’s content for Google’s search engine, which is called SEO. Visit our SEO page for more information on search engine optimization factors.

Constant Updating

Another feature is website’s updating, which some webmasters may not consider as an essential factor.


Having a Convenient Loading Time

Here is the leading feature of a successful website. Have you ever searched for some information in Google to get the service you need? Did you have trouble in getting to different pages on a website? How was the website loading time? Did you access the site quickly or not?

These are the questions that all users may ask. The answer to all of them is just a word; website loading time.

Users want to get to the page they want in the shortest possible time, rather than having to wait a long time for one page of your website.

It makes them bored and results in leaving the site and going to competing websites.

If your website is experiencing such a problem, you might want to look for ways to add this vital factor to your website so you will not lose your users.

The Last Word about a Successful Website

If you are just starting your own online business, take the design and building of your site quite seriously. Many factors can contribute to the success of your website.

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