What Pages Does a Website Need?

A growing business needs to invest on its brand to make more profit. In the market, one of the essential ways to introduce and identify your brand is to have a well-designed website that attracts visitors around the world.

To build and design a website, you need to do some essential work. The first step is to choose the right domain name that attracts your audience. Before choosing your brand name, you have to make sure that the domain name is relevant to your business.

What Pages Does a Website Need

Home Page

The first simple technique to improve Google ranking is to use keywords that are relevant to the content of your website. You have to choose keywords that can attract your audience. You should consider your business purpose and choose your keywords accordingly.

An ideal blog post length should contain 500-1500 words. Therefore, if your content is less than 500 words, it is likely that Google ignores the content, and if it is more than the stated number, it is likely to make the user tired. So make sure that your content contains between 2% and 5% of your chosen keywords.

build and design a website

Elements of Home Page

As mentioned before, the first part of a website is the home page to introduce your service and business to the users. The home page requires some essential elements, including:

– Logo
– Site menu
– Title
– User Login Section
– Wallpaper
– Blog
– Content
– Social media icon

All of the mentioned elements should be included on a website’s homepage so that users can get to know your site.

Elements of Home Page

Services Intro Page

If your website and business offer unique services and products, it is better to write a separate page to your site menu, which you have uploaded to the homepage, so that users get to know your services better by referring to it.

Keep in mind that you have to design your product and service page in a way that attracts your audience and ultimately encouraging them to buy your products. Also, your site’s loading time is important because it can help your SEO and increase the number of visitors.


Dedicate a page of your site to articles and projects you have done that will keep your users informed about your activity. You can write about your experiences and projects you have done on this page, or translate foreign articles that are relevant to your business and provide more comprehensive information on your website. Keep in mind that articles and content published on your website can also be in video format and do not need to be in textual form necessarily. Using high quality and content related images is another thing to consider in the articles section of your website because the images can be more attractive to your audience than the content itself.

Contact Us

The most important page to consider when designing your website is the Contact Us page. By creating this page on your website, you will show your users that you are in touch at any time of the day. This will increase the credibility of the users to your site.

Additional Tips on Designing Different Site Pages

-Depending on your site, if you sell a product, you will need shopping pages, shopping carts, and payment. – If you are selling tickets, you need a ticket search page. – News sites, lifestyles, and content-centric sites need categorization pages in general. – If your site is a service site, you should have a section to introduce your products.

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