10 of the Best SEO Blogs

SEO blogs are one of the most effective ways to learn about site optimization. These days, regarding the ever-evolving industry like SEO, it’s important to stay up-to-date on any news and learn regularly. Subscribing to the newsletter of your favorite SEO blogs is one of the first ways to stay updated in today’s digital world. That way, you’ll get an email about all the new stuff. There is no need to constantly search the blog’s home page to find new content. Most of the latest content is shared on social media. So, another common way is to go through Twitter or Facebook. You can be notified of any new content through these platforms. Today, the professional and specialized team at Website Design Art will introduce you to the 15 best blogs.

10 of the Best SEO Blogs

1. Moz
If you are looking for an industry leader in SEO, the No.1 is Moz. Creating educational and useful content for anyone interested has made them the best in this industry.

2. SEMrush
Do you know anything about SEMrush? It is one of the most successful and popular marketing toolkits. There is a great blog written by the best SEO blogs. The most significant point about these blogs is that marketers write them for marketers. So if you want to enjoy their knowledge, don’t hesitate to visit them.

3. Yoast
As a popular SEO plugin, Yoast is known to anyone who has ever had a WordPress website. But there is another helpful point. They also have a great SEO blog full of helpful posts for WordPress users.

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4. Mangools
Whether you are a newbie or an advanced SEO expert, you can highly take advantage of Mangool‘s blog. The specialists at Website Design Art also concentrate on writing comprehensive and beginner’s guides for various topics, ranging from keyword research to internal SEO.
5. Backlinko
Brian Dean, a.k.a. (Backlinko), takes pride in being known as a well-known name in the SEO world. He popularized the Skyscraper Method and proved that quality could really overshadow quantity. Although he rarely publishes new articles, since the content is updated regularly, you can refer to his guidance whenever you want. Backlinks can also benefit small business owners who want to build a successful website.

6. Click Minded
Tommy Griffith, the founder of Click Minded, is no newbie to the world of SEO; he worked as an SEO expert for companies like Airbnb and PayPal. He also teaches various online marketing courses and writes a great blog full of practical tips and insights. Check it out now!

7. GotchSEO
As our experienced Winnipeg SEO experts explain, Nathan Gotch is another SEO expert who gained popularity by sharing his knowledge on his blog. In addition to the blog, he runs a successful SEO agency and an academy where he teaches advanced SEO techniques.

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8. Robbie Richards
Robbie Richards is known for writing very long guides, case studies, and SEO tools reviews. He also teaches a famous SEO course, The SEO Playbook, for advanced users. This is one of the most successful marketing training courses on the planet.

9. Diggity Marketing
Matt Diggity is probably a name that needs no introduction to anyone who has encountered affiliate marketing. Diggity Marketing is one of Matt Diggity’s many projects; his content is very helpful, especially when it comes to posting link-building content and compiling SEO news.

10. Search Engine Journal
If you are looking for the most popular portal consisting of SEO experts from all over the world, Search Engine Journal is the right option. Over time, Search Engine Journal has built a good reader base, and hundreds of users share their articles. On the other hand, the amount of participation in comments is relatively low.

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