Essential Steps for Creating Your First Website

Today, having a website for your business is essential. A successful website can fully present your business online and improve it’s online visibility. So, you can draw more attention and maximize your loyal customers.

If you have just planned to design a website, follow this post to get essential information you need to know. Our web design experts at WEBSITE DESIGN ART are going to reveal some critical points to make your website aesthetic, user-friendly, and effective.


essential steps to design website

How To Start Your Website Design?

If you are planning to build a successful website which can turn your visitors to loyal customers, you must take the first steps seriously. To get started, you need to know what you want to do and what your specialty is.

Set your goals seriously.
Improve your knowledge in the field of website design. There are many webinars and online tutorials available today that help you to design your website effectively.

Try to create your own style. You can get an idea from large websites to create your unique style.

When you start doing something, you should do it step by step and carefully to be successful.

If you know the essential steps for creating a website, you will be able to build a successful and optimized website.

The steps you need to take for creating your first website include:

– Learning HTML
– Learning CSS
– Learning JavaScript
– Selecting programming language
– Selecting a database
– Choose a domain name/URL
– Buying domains
– Register your domain name/UR
– Choose a hosting service
– Connect your domain name to your web host

Note that buying a domain helps you start your path towards present your business online. It is the name by which your website will come to be known by visitors. It forms part of your website URL. After buying a domain name, you can start to design and develop your website to offer your products and services. Please, contact us to provide you more information.

Search Engine Optimization in designing a website

After learning how to design your website, it is time to get familiar with SEO concepts.

One of the most important parts in website design is the menu bar. It should contain all your main services as well as your Contact page and About. Here is an example, if you are selling mobiles, your website menu can be like this:

Brand Name / Samsung / Apple / Blackberry / Motorola / Customer Services / Buy / About Us / Contact Us
The menu is a gateway to your website.

By considering the basic principles of website design, you can create an attractive website that is optimized for search engines as well.

The more organized a website is, the easier it is for users to access the desired sections, and the more traffic the website will have. An optimized website does not need any other marketing or advertising to attract new customers.

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