Is It Possible to Get a Good SEO Ranking on Google only with Long-Form Content?

The length of the content is one of the most important signals for Google to rank the site’s pages. In many cases, the length of the content indicates its completeness and comprehensiveness, and Google often pays a lot of attention to the completeness of the content. But it should be noted that even Google has a lot of shortcomings, and according to a professional at Website Design Art, one of them is that it cannot measure the quality of content perfectly. As a result, it is easy to bypass Google sometimes. The question we will answer in this article is if long-form content always leads to a good SEO ranking on Google. And if the answer is YES, under what circumstances will this happen.

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Is Skyscraper Content the Same as Long-Form Content?

Do you have any idea about skyscraper content? The skyscraper content that Mr. Brian Dean ( a famous and successful expert in website design and SEO)has been talking about for a number of years and invented, in his own words, is content that is longer and more comprehensive than all the current content in a particular field. Just like skyscraper towers that are much taller than ordinary buildings. This means that the content of the skyscraper covers all the components of a particular subject.

For example, if you are writing an article or content about making money from the internet, you should write about any detail related to making money from the internet. From permissions to get through launch WordPress site, product sales, and marketing, ideas for making money from the internet, making money through social media, etc. How many words do you think such content is worth? As our experts at Winnipeg SEO answer, it should be at least 8000 words! In addition to the length of the content in terms of text, a skyscraper content includes images, videos, charts, tables, and anything that helps to reference the content.

But what our website design experts will talk about in this article is not the skyscraper content! It is the content that is purely long. That is, only quantity is important, and quality has not been worked on at all! What does this mean now? We will explain it below.

Get a Good Google Rank with Long-Form Content

How to Get a Good Google Rank with Long-Form Content?

Let’s answer this question by taking a look at a very long-form content article. The topic we searched for in this test was “increase online sales.” This article was the first one on Google. This content is not necessary of good quality! It is only long. For example, parts of this article may have been rewritten, parts may have been translated, details may have been copied, paragraphs have been long, all signs and writing rules may even have not been followed, and in general, that may not be the exact content that the audience wants. It is just long-form content. So, the question that may occupy your mind is whether the quality of the content matters or not. Can’t the RankBrain algorithm check the quality of the content?

First of all, it should be said that the length of this content is almost twice the average of the current content. The next case of competition in this keyword is that there is no intense competition in this phrase. This means that anyone who wants to be ranked in this phrase does not have a very difficult task ahead.

Besides, the crucial factor in moving this content to the top of Google is using an incomplete or missing content strategy. It means this article has been published gradually and part by part. SEO experts know what this means.

Missing Content Strategy; The Main Secret to Getting a Good SEO Ranking on Google

This strategy means publishing content part by part and gradually. When there is long-form content, and you want to get the desired result with that, you can publish the first 2000 words and then add 1000 words every week. You continue this process until the text is completed.

What Does the Google Freshness Algorithm Do?

One of the most important Google algorithms that can greatly help you to get a better SEO ranking is the Google Freshness Algorithm. This algorithm works to display new content in higher SEO rankings. Google seeks to display fresh and first-rate content to users. That’s why the Freshness Algorithm has been created.

All of you probably understand the relation between Freshness and publishing content gradually (incomplete or missing content strategy). When we publish complete content on our site gradually, we give Google a signal that the content of our page is fresh and updated. As a result, it gradually becomes aware of how much we are working on updating our content, and this will give our page a better SEO ranking each time.

Now, if the competition is not intense, you can get a very good SEO ranking in the search results for your page with this simple strategy. Google both recognizes the relevance of your content and how comprehensive your content is.

Does Long-Form Content Always Work?

You may now think that long-form content always works, but this is absolutely wrong. The answer or the result may be completely different depending on your field of work. In other words, in some areas of work, or rather in various subjects, it is not always possible to get a positive result by lengthening the content.

Of course, based on our professionals in website designing, when your content is more than the rest of the current pages in that particular field (for example, 300 words more), Google is subconsciously given the signal that your content is more complete than the rest. So in many cases, it is likely that content lengthening will work efficiently.

Respect Your Users

A very important factor to mention is respect for your users. Prolonging content as long as there is no added value is disrespectful to the user. In other words, this is a strategy or trick to lead to a good SEO ranking on Google. Content lengthening is one of the SEO techniques, but you should also keep in mind that in the end, your content consumer is a real human, not a robot!

The Last Word

The important point of this article is to produce comprehensive content plus update it. Content publishing gradually is one of the best techniques to get a good SEO ranking on Google, considering the completeness of the content. Quality is always more important than quantity. Don’t forget that you are not going to produce low-quality and merely long-form content for your users.
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